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As mentioned above: threat is a measure of how much the target hates you. In SW:TOR, all damaging abilities generate threat on the mob they target equal to the amount of damage they deal. If you are in tank stance you generate an additional 100% threat. If you use a "high threat" attack you generate an additional 50% threat, this is additive. Healing on the other hand generates threat equal to 50% of the amount healed divided evenly among all mobs in the pull.

What does that mean? As a tank:
- High threat attacks generate threat equal to 250% of their damage on the attacked mob.
- Normal attacks generate threat equal to 200% of their damage on the attacked mob.
- Self-Healing generates threat equal to 100% of the amount healed divided amongst all mobs.
As a DPS:
- Attacks generate threat equal to their damage
As a Healer:
- Healing generates 50% threat, but its on everything.

In short: Anything you don't attack will run at the healer. However, the healer should never pull threat off you if you are attacking the mob. Basically: make sure every mob is attacked by someone or CCed.

In SW:TOR, there are 2 "ranges" for threat. Melee range is 4m fom the centre of the mob and Ranged is anything beyond that. In order to take threat off the current target of a mob you need to surpass that targets threat by a percentage. 10% for melee range and 30% for ranged. Now that has 2 benefits we can exploint: if you keep the DPS beyond 4m they will need to beat your threat by 30% to pull off you and if they do, by staying within 4m you only need to beat them by 10% to pull back. However, taunts complicate this slightly.

I have since discovered how the melee/ranged mechanic works. Range is measured from the centre of the targeters hitbox to the edge of the targets hitbox. This includes the range displayed on your target frame. Enemies with large hitboxes often end up with their melee range being INSIDE their hitbox. This is also the reason that Zorn's fearful effect doesn't hit you if you are at 30m range since you are measuring to the edge while the effect is measured from the middle. Threat ranges are the same.