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The other week I cleared S&V HM in semi Pug/guild run, while it was a guild leading it half the players were recruited right out of chat with the requirements that they knew tactics, were geared and had TS. It was basically a well organized PuG run.

I believe full PuG runs can work if it was organized in a similar way and players were scrutinised heavily to weed out the baddies, half the problem with randoms though is some people tell a lot of bull especially about their knowledge of tactics just for the opportunity to get in a HM raid, you'll have someone saying "yeah I know tacts" one minute only to fall at the first hurdle when the new mechanics are put to them.. I've even seen people in other HM raids before fail at the tactics a story mode would of usually chucked at them.

All I think it needs though is careful selection rather than picking the first tank or healer to reply to gen chat, the hard modes aren't that hard as a lot of scaremongers like to portray them as... they just require a bit more co-ordination and have everyone more "on the ball" rather than a mashed together group of clueless randoms.
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