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Bubble is your friend. You should be trying to use your Rejuvinate before your bigger heals, because it buffs them. Healing Trance, then Deliverance if they're still under heavy fire and Healing Trance is on cooldown. I keep Benevolence hotkeyed but ... the only time it's really useful is if Healing Trance is on cooldown and they'll die before the longer Deliverance cast. Otherwise, Deliverance is more bang for your buck for less force.

Watch for Resplendence procs (you get them when any tick of your Healing Trance crits). As I mostly PvP, I usually don't bother with Salvation unless I have the 3 stacks to make it instant (again, be sure to cast Rejuvinate first, significantly lowers the force cost). It's still a force hog, though, so I haven't really found it worthwhile in just 4-man stuff. (It's probably awesome in operations.) Resplendence stacks also mean your Noble Sacrifice won't cause your force to regen slower afterward, which is also huge.

Cleansing debuffs using Restoration can be really important on some fights.

Use your instant self-heal if you're taking damage. CC, kite using Force Speed if you're really getting banged on. Yank a DPS using Rescue if they aren't helping you out to get their attention.

Uh ... I hope that was helpful? Didn't say exactly what kind of info you're looking for. Just very basic stuff, but I'm level 45 so I still have some learning to do myself. If someone with more experience comes along and says "No Sarie's stupid, that's awful advice" you should probably listen to them, LOL.
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