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07.20.2013 , 03:22 PM | #8
As a healer who has seen all of 8 man NiM TfB (cleared to Terror) and started work on S&V, I have had no complaints with our Shadow. You will need your cooldowns on trash pulls starting with HM FP 55s, but otherwise no biggie.

My complaints have come in when we used two VGs for some fights, and I would prefer if our main VG tank used his Guardian instead.

Can shadows/sins be spiky? Sure. Are all these fine folk on the forums wrong? No. But if you like your Sin tank you'll be fine for non-progression everywhere, and depending on your group you'll be just fine for progression too (ex: don't bring two Sorc healers, you'll just be compounding your problem and require them to be that much better. Abuse sniper shields in rough transitions).