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07.20.2013 , 02:43 AM | #4
First phase sure is brutal, we have to take our most experienced members only for this particular fight just to progress even these guys fail quite often due to the ADDs. The damage dealt on cores is perfect. The adds are the problem for phase 1 Nightmare and Hardmode. If you get past phase 1 our experienced team will always down Operator iX the actual boss.

Personally I think they upped the adds difficulty compared to tfb at level 50. Never was this hard!

I know this is slightly off Topic but During Orange and Yellow Phase one of those droids has almost double hitted a tank on the odd occasion when you are forced to tank two of them due to a mechanic in 8m HM They hurt like hell.

Well stated tanks 37k-39k health with balanced tank stats 37 k 69 gear around the 20% 40 37% margin , are struggling and the two healers to boot are expending too much power to keep them up during those colour phases but those two big droids hit worse than the actual Boss!!!!!

I'd also like to Add 16M there is no problem for phase 1 the add issue only occurs in 8m