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This is the problem of Iquisitor's story. You are supposed to be the "machinator", but instead you get being manipulated in every single act, by Zash, by Thanaton, by others... And you can't even turn the lowly Padawan to the dark side. For me that's where the inquisitors story failed most.

Now look at the sith warrior. He is the master of manipulation. First you turn one of the Jedi Master dark... Even if you choose light side option, like saving Jaessa parents (which I did on my 2nd warrior) you do it to manipulate her. When you meet two Jedis at end of Act 1, you turn one of them dark side. Then on Belsavis you can trick the Jedi to kill unarmed opponent and break his code. That is what I wanted my inquisitor to do.... But I couldn't twist minds of opponents and allies, until I rolled warrior.

And yes, Ashara is boring. She is on the Sith ship, serves member of Dark Council, and still believes she is Jedi. Hogwash, my dark side sorceress would just make sure Ashara left the ship... Quite permanently.