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07.19.2013 , 05:55 PM | #7
I have played all the different tank classes (1 jugg/1 guardian, 1 BH, and 1 shadow), all 55, and all have done hard mode flashpoints. I don't have any knowledge of Ops, so can't help there.

But, from everything else, I will say continue playing what you like, even if it's a shadow tank or the inquisitor tank =)

I will say, that once or twice i was surprised to "fall over" on my shadow tank. Just bam, dead. I was like ***.

the 55 hard mode flash points require some coordination and skill level (by the group). So, there is no shame in getting beat down, esp. when starting them out. Sometimes, you just need more healing and the healer needs to know that (i usually tell them) just to be on the safe side =)

In any event, I have learned to blow all your cooldowns as often as you can. No point in saving them for an "oh no," moment.

I guess same is true for all the different classes though.

I play them all fairly equally, but I will say, personal taste wise, I really like that the shadow can go stealth. I just don't do dailies very often (like on Makeb, if I don't have stealth class) heh So, that is a major plus.