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I'll never understand people who fuss over making credits before reaching maximum level. Just doing your average leveling missions should give you more than enough credits to buy skills with (and with credits to spare if you're the type who likes to keep the mods in their gear up to date). Just sit back and enjoy the game while leveling and, if you avoid making silly purchaces on the GTN, you should have no problems with credits.
The game isn't just about leveling. Playing the GTN, crafting, etc. ARE part of the game, maybe not the part you are most interested in, but nevertheless part of the game. This guy was asking how to make credits in the game, a legitimate question.

I don't know how people play who find it extremely easy to earn sufficient credits. Perhaps a lot of flashpoints, PvPs, and Heroic-4's will do it, but in my experience as a usually solo player, it ain't that easy. My "Test Toon," whom I created just to scope these issues out, is a million credits in the hole at 45. Why? Because I insisted on keeping the mods in his gear up to date every fourth level (so I'm not quite understanding your statement to the effect that this nets you credits.) and I insisted on buying him all training offered, even if it was $57K to update a weapons burst to the next level. I'm not going to beat the Gold Guys if I'm not on top of the game.

Now, could it be I'm simply an unskilled player? It could be because that is a relative term, but I can tell you that I'm a much better player than I was when I started, that's for sure! And my choices for Test Toon have been very frugal: No fluff from the CM, conserve travel costs, buy nothing not needed, loot all corpses, sell all unused equipment GTN if possible--those sorts of decisions that would tend to maximize credits, not waste them.

Now for this guy I didn't make him go earn credits. I loaned him the million from my Uncle Rich Toon. It may be he'll be able to repay this loan in a few levels. We'll see--that's part of the experiment. I'm sure there are lots of ways to play this game and I think that's great. But I also think that if a guy wants to earn credits, he's not asking to be told he shouldn't try to earn credits. The game is a whole lot more enjoyable (and just as legitimate) if you can afford to equip yourself with gear that prevents you from getting repeatedly killed.