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07.19.2013 , 12:36 PM | #70
Its not the term soon that gets you a riot

Its releasing information that wasnt expected and then stating more info ....soon....

As far as Arenas, its been announced, we know when well get it, We know the size and the number or maps. We know the rule set (For the most part)

The questions being asked now are the specifics. We know well find out no later than release and we know that the information we do get is not going to incite a riot. What will incite a riot is if they said arenas are the only thing were getting this year for PvP, but soon well let ya know what to expect for our next PvP update, slated for fall of 2014.

That kinda soon is not a happy kind of soon.

The exception to this rule is if soon doesnt have a limit. For example with arenas we know soon is no later than 2.4. Where as if they said arenas would come soon (not specific to 2.4) than this would be a different story because soon might mean 1 year from now, or 1 week from now. Take 2.0. We heard terms of soon starting around 1.3? I remember around 1.6 people trying to figure out what "Very soon" meant, which was another 7 months away. In this case we know soon is probably a few weeks and no later than 2.4
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