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Since it's a deathmatch scenario, it might be nice to have it to where each kill, removes some chunk of time from the clock - the greater the disparity in kills, the more time that is removed. That would make facerolls end quicker, close matches last longer.

Example: Each Arena is slated for 15min. Every death removes 5 seconds from that timer.
1-5 kills = -5 seconds ea.
6-12 kills = -10 seconds ea.
13+ = -15 seconds per kill from the clock

Similar to how a one sided WZ ends quicker with less or no objectives being held.
This is just based off of my experience with wow's arenas, but facerolls end quickly anyway since everyone on one side is dead super fast and that ends the match. The bigger issue with time is turtles. If you have a team that is virtually unkillable, they can just go in and sit there till the other team gives up in frustration.
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