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For me the answer to all the OP questions is Jugg/Guardian.
Shadows/Assassins are suffering balance issues as both tank and dps so pretty much as it is now any shadow/sin in your group can be considered a hindrance, except *maybe* for PVP because of situational use of stealth and CC's and kinda nice burst dmg as a dps.
Powertech/Vanguard is suffering balance issues as a dps, specially on PVP since they have no burst at all and thats pretty much the main thing you are looking for in a dps on pvp. As dps for pve they do "good enough" but they stay on the low end of the dps right now without pretty much any other real advantage to the raid. As tanks for both pvp and pve they are very good tanks but as of now juggs are better for numerous reasons.
Juggs/Guardians are awesome both as dps and tanks, as dps they have one of the best burst and aoe specs in the game (smash spec) which is one of the best dps you can have in pvp and very good in raids for fights where you need either burst dmg or good AoEs, also since they have really awesome cds and use heavy armor they can hold themselves quite well in danger situations as an extra tank for a few secs (like holding a boss or something while a healer tries to get a tank up after he died for example), the other dps tree is very good single target dps. As tanks they are super buffed to a ridiculous level since they have the best cds in game and *also* best passive mitigation between all tanks, the ideal composition for a raid would for sure have 2 jugg tanks on it.
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