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Yes but the B-wing was always more powerful than the X-wing, whenever they updated the X-wing, they also updated the B-wing. The Mon Calamari who designed it insisted that it be kept up to date, and it was easier for the Republic to agree than have endless discussions. So the B-wing is always ahead of the X-wing.

That said I do prefer the X-wing to the B-wing aesthetically.
B wing had more powerful armaments, yes, but was actually more fragile due to how the cockpit worked, plus it was FAR less maneuverable. It was there more to replace the Y-wing as a fighter bomber than replace the X-wing as a Superiority fighter.

I think we've spoken my list probably 2-5 for now is going to be:

2. TIE Defender
3. TIE Avenger
4. E-Wing
5. B-wing

how say you all?
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