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If I focus at the main question:

"Hey all. I'm looking for the most versatile tank class in the game. By versatile I'm meaning a tank class that can fill a competitive roll in most aspects of the game as tank spec & Dps spec (pve and pvp)."

There's one(+ mirror obviously) tank class that got access to all of these things(in one way/spec or Another):

- Melee shield+absorb.
- Melee defence.
- Melee dps.
- Semi ranged dps.
- Instant "heal button"(+ "dps button" + "reduce damage button + more).
- Melee Self heals, possible each 4.5 sec.
- Ranged damage ability that also heals(dependant on procs).
- Force pull.
- AoE "force push".
- Stealth.
- Stealth CC.
- Phase shift.
- ... and more of course.

All 3 tank classes got their own unique flavour - but should be the Shadow/Assasin that in itself "mirror" most/all class roles + sub roles(regarding the "healing role", it's about self-only heals, that ofc can't compare with a "real" healer class).

Shadow/Assasin: The most versatile tank class in the game.

At second Place I'd say the VG/PT, that got in-melee ranged dps and defence/shield AND consistent(spamable) ranged dps(granted, not very high - but ineed alot better then "fluff" - with some kind of ranged "burst" to go along with that).
I'm one of those individuals that love, and can't help myself, to have each and every class hybrid/hybridish. And I become bored by always "following protocol" - Thus having fun on my VG(and doing quite ok) using it like a stealthish ranged dps(tank-dps hybrid). Fully aware of "it's not meant to be played like that" and that I'd be able to tank and dps alot better if I had focus on "be-in-your-face", and not play as a mainly ranged class.

Over time, I truly do my best when having fun - and gaming to me, equal having fun most of the time. Oh and no, I'm not a noob. ;]