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We need to make it clear to Bioware that this is important to us. The separation of Hard Mode and Nightmare Mode lockouts is critical to the success of progression raiding in SWTOR. It will accomplish two very important things:

1) Level the playing field by forcing linear progression (no more skipping)
2) Allow guilds to continue progressing and gearing in HM while attempting NM

The current system makes it difficult for guilds to keep players progressing who are not in the NM raids because the key players are saving lockouts on their mains. The only downside might be the influx of commendations available to high end players, but lets face it ultimate comms don't buy anything good and there are weekly and total caps.

Please sign the petition if you agree that the lockouts should be separate.
Normally, I would agree, but since everyone pretty much said 'live with it' when I wanted some changes done, I will say it here....'live with it.'