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Join Mandalorian raiders HM. Full 69-72, so thought this should be easy.

I'm a Jugg tank in the Sorc gear from the Cartel market, with robe leg pieces, from the revan set.
As soon as I spawn in, the Merc dps and the Op healer tell me, if i was a dps wearing that it'd be ok, but i needed to get out of Light armor if i was a tank.
The Merc opened a trade with me, and tried to give me some level 11 merc shell heavy armor for borrow during the flashpoint.

I kindly explained i wouldn't need it, because my armor wasn't heavy but adaptive.

We went through a little trash, I used a medpack on every single pull. Every. Single. Pull.

Got to the pull with all the Swarming dogs, by then i had learned my lesson. I popped every defensive CD i had, over a drawn out period of time, as the fight lasted longer than it should.
It lasted about 15 seconds, i used a medpack, my self heal, and 2 of my shields, and yet i died.

I got one heal from the operative.

He then proceeded to cuss at me for wearing light armor, and said if i was in heavy armor it would be different.

I kindly proceeded to laugh, tell him he should learn when mistakes are his and not someone elses. /w'd the marauder telling him to leave while he can, wished them luck finding a tank, then dropped.
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