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Currently, Operatives are de facto the best healers in PVP. Our energy management is a total joke, our healing not relying on casts makes us much more mobile than sorcs and mercs and therefore largely preferred over the other two healers for both regs and rateds. I believe this spec is overpowered at the moment. I think the following changes would bring us down to the level of the other two healing ACs while not dropping us to the point of being no longer viable.

The rate limit on Medical Engineering should not be reduced below 9s.
The talent Evasive Imperative needs removed entirely. Free total cleanse/breaks most roots/shuts down several dps specs entirely, on a very short cd, makes no sense to be in the healing tree.
Surgical probe should have a small energy cost in addition to the TA requirement.
Durable Meds should be 2/4/6% or boost kolto injection by the current 3/6/9% instead and provide no energy reduction on kolto probes.

I firmly believe this is the talent tree in the need of the most help atm. Our 4m range requirement makes us especially vulnerable to AOE (specifically, smash), snares and roots, and we do not have the tools to deal with this. I believe our damage is in a good place at the moment, and the energy management changes were amazing. However, I do think there are a few things that could be improved upon without returning to the days when the forums were flooded with people crying about concealment being overpowered. Survivability wise, we absolutely must have the same 30% AOE damage reduction available to our fellow stealthers. Borderline ridiculous that we didn't get it at the same time as deception. However, I understand the few remaining people that play this spec in PVE already dislike the amount of talent points that have to be placed in survival talents, so I would like to roll these into already existing talents without increasing the point costs.

30% AOE damage reduction added to Advanced Cloaking. Additionally, change the cd reduction from 7.5/15 15/30 to 15/30 30/60 for sneak and cloaking screen. This is well out of reach for medicine/lethality.
Combine Scouting with Infiltrator, add Evasive Imperative in it's place.
Add energy reduction for explosive probe to Flanking (maybe, might not be necessary with removal of energy cost on AB)
Remove the poisoned target requirement from Tactical Opportunity and decrease the rate limit to 6s.
Add shiv and lacerate to the surge bonus granted by the talent Meticulously Kept Blades.
In addition to the knockdown, add an automatic crit to Hidden Strike, requires and consumes one tactical advantage. Meaning, once every two minutes, we can open with a critical hit hidden strike, or if we vanish during combat with a tactical advantage, we can reopen with a critical hit hidden strike.
Make the evasion proc on Shadow Operative Elite 100%.
Remove the energy cost from Acid Blades and give us 10% damage reduction for 6s after applying its effect. This is similar to the way deception sins can chain blackout with their opener, maintaining excellent energy regen and 25% damage reduction for 12s. Ours would only be 10% to offset by the fact that we could maintain it for up to 30s a minute in sustained combat.

I believe these changes would bring our survivability and burst up to par with deception and thus make us viable for rateds, while not going so far over the top that we are overpowered in regs. (I also believe this would increase our PVE dps to a point that we can possibly get a spot in a progression team as concealment, but seeing as I couldn't find a parse for a conc op to do some math with, I cannot be certain.)

Overall, I believe lethality is in an excellent place in PVP at the moment and have not experienced anything that makes me feel the spec to be too far above/under par. 30% AOE reduction would be nice, but unless you get specifically targeted or are positioning yourself incorrectly/not watching the fight I find it to not be too terribly troublesome. Energy management is excellent, damage is excellent, survivability is on par, burst is decent (but does require some setup).

General Thoughts
I would really like to see the baseline duration of tactical advantage extended and the additional duration buff in the Medicine tree removed. Not difficult at all lose stacks with all the cc in the game at the moment. I imagine this is a big issue in operations as well, similar to stacks of Annhilator for Anni Marauders. Would also really like to see worthwhile set bonuses on our PvP gear.