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I'd actually agree to the X-wing (preferably the more advanced GA versions) as #1 though I'm a big fan of the TIE Defender. I'd also say TIE Avenger is a good #2.

My #3 though would definitely be the TIE Defender over the ARC. It has arguably greater versatility and agility than the ARC while having a single pilot on a traditionally fear-inspiring frame. The ion cannons, hyperdrives, versatile weapon bays, I'd say the Defender is an amazing tool for a vast assortment of missions and it is still rugged enough to decimate enemy fighters in a fleet action as well. TIE Defenders are also notoriously difficult for X-wing pilots to bring down and put one in the hands of Rouge Squadron...

Some contenders I'd suggest (though not sure where exactly they'd go). E-wing, TIE Phantom, TIE Advanced, and Chiss Clawcraft.
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