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using Backstab & Shiv beats standing at range and seeing the Boss Enrage over&over
when we did our first 55HM (that was Hammer station) we had only 61/63 gear (shadow [sin] tank, Scoundrel [OP] Healer, 2x commando[merc]) i could keep myself up just using the AOE HOT,
we wiped 3 times to the Enrage with our 4 try (this one a Kill) i had the knack out and could use both these abilities almost on CD while keeping myself and the Tank up.
Low dps is the dpser's problem, not the healers's. If healer dpsing is what it takes to make the kill, then sure, do everything possible. But if these 55 hms are easy on some roles, that's the dps. These are a joke for dps, but can be somewhat hard for healers and tanks (depending on their gear ofc)

I've seen far,far more wipes and "eerrm.... let's just skip bonus boss" on Hammer Station on account healer not being able keep tank alive because he ignores the boss' mechanic (stun) than because dps is low