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The best example of allowing solo players to have a dip of endgame/group content I know of are the chronicles in Rift.
They made solo/duo versions of some raid instances and adapted/deleted some mechanics inside to cater the reduced amount of players.
This way players could have a look at what it looks inside, continue the story and some more content was offered to players who play at odd hours, cannot/want not to group up or for whatever reason prefer to play solo.

However, the rewards got adapted too as rewards should always scale/represent the difficulty of the instance and the set-up required to get a group for it.

And yes, I have difficulties to understand ppl who want to have everything others get, but not do the same to get it.

Would I love to get my Xth alt geared faster/easier for ops sometimes? - Yes, but if I can get all the rewards without playing the MMOpart of a mmorpg .... then I could go back to a single player rpg and use the editor and just get all the gear I want and way faster too.

And there are a bunch of guilds out there offering a home to those who work long, odd hours, RL (kids, wife or cats first) priority players.

Maybe you should invest some of your time to find a guild, group of like-minded players ... I mean it shouldn't be too hard as the majority of players (following your research) support your ideas and views.