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Thanks for the replies. I'll try to stand away from boss not tank next time, guess my timing was a bit off. Didn't notice if any of the sins put shroud up....they took quite a hit from the rampage.
with even one melee I won't bother trying to avoid the Stun with my scoundrel [operative]
if positional requirements make it necessary for one dps to be behind the boss then place yourself in the middle and AOE-HOT yourself that should catch everyone.
if there is no positional requirements every melee simply stacks up by the tank.
(the sin can easily replace the phase-walk for 5% more healing Hammer Station Bonus is one of the very few fights where that works).
the sin tank should only take damage every 2nd phase due to force shroud and can use Overcharge Saber if the group is low & force shroud is on CD. (watch for the blue debuff)
you yourself use your absorb shield when possible

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I don't understand why you guys keep suggesting stuff so the healer DO get stunned (so unable to heal) and DO take damage. It's easy to avoid the stun so it's easy avoid taking damage. And what is really great about it is that you can heal those who need it, mainly the tank.
because the AOE Hot is great, if you need to heal 3ppl anyway you can just as easily heal 4.
&why move if you could stand still just as easily?
you are a sorc with your AOE puddle you can place in the middle of the boss He's an Operative he places himself there so he doesn't need to explain the D-drones one should place itself so the AOE HOT affects Tank and Drones.