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What bugs me is that neither of my damned apprentices can wear hats. It's bad enough that, as a Twi'lek, I am damned to a lack of awesome hoods and Sith masks for all eternity, but to give me not one, but TWO companions who suffer the same fate is just a low blow.

Also, yeah, I'm not terribly fond of Ashara. I thought she was awesome at first, but I really got sick of her delusions (and the fact that there are practically no companion gifts she likes if you're female).

It's too bad Xalek wasn't more interesting. A quiet, tough-guy type is fine for a background character, but compared to every other companion I've encountered, he's just so flat. The way you get to know your companions and their stories is talking to them, and "talking" is explicitly listed as something Xalek dislikes.

So, as a Sith Inquisitor I am forever stuck with Silent Sam and Moaning Myrtle for apprentices, neither of which, I might add, can wear hats.
Look at the bright side. At least you didn't marry her.