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My very first character was a Sith Inquisitor (sorceress). And when I got her, I though Ashara would make a good romance option. But no, same-gender romances were not something EAWare was going to put into the game.

I was annoyed at this. But as time went by, the annoyance faded, replaced by a sense of relief. Sure, I was still peeved there were no SGRA's, but not in regards to Ashara. She is the most insipid, brainless, whiny, dense, and outright irritating companion in the entire game, bar none. I cannot bear to roll another inquisitor (of either gender) for the fear of having to endure that hair-pulling storyline yet again.

My sorceress is 55, and I can now safely ignore the togruta twit as I PVP or whatever, but I can never attempt a Sith assassin, as I would have to put up with THE worst companion in the entire game AGAIN. For me, the one time was enough, and I am no longer annoyed at not having any real romance options (Andronikos? No thanks).

My Sith warrior is barely off of Korriban (and has been since...maybe a couple of months past launch), so I have no way to assess Jaesa, but there is simply NO WAY she can be the vacuous, brain-dead waste of pixels that is Ashara Zavros.
I can feel your anger, the dark side is strooong with you.

I know it's a matter of personal opinion but I just can't put her as that annoying after Mako, Nadia or even Ensign Temple. The game has a serious problem with female companions being dumb, whiny and irritating. I know they are catering to a certain audience with that, but it's just not me.

We need more Risha and Kaliyo.