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07.17.2013 , 10:12 PM | #8
Are you sure tank was really a tank? Usually, giant damage on tank is indicator that the person is either in dps spec or in dps gear.

As for general tactics, you always stay together with the tank. Ranged dds can stay out of harm's way and need zero healing unless tank loses agro (healers, unfortunately, cannot, if you can reach the tank, you will get the stun), melee dds must stick as close to you as possible. Even PTs. They have some 10meter attacks, but ask them to stay right on top of the tank.

Rampage is a channel, so enable target of the target (if you have not done it already) and keep an eye out for this channel. You will have tank in your target all the time anyways, since between rampages only tanks takes damage, and tank will be on boss, you'll see the cast. If damagers take too much damage and you have to heal them individually, use focus target to watch the boss.

As soon as you see the cast, pop your aoe. This way you all will be healed through the stun and will lose less health, so second aoe should take care of any remaining damage.