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Pretty much, what title says.

It is really annoying to be questing/scanning for vehicle parts somewhere in the middle of nowhere, get GF pop and see it is BT/Esseles, after which you must either go to Fleet or to Coruscant/Dromund Kaas (and some trolls do press this option!) and then leg all the way back to where you were questing. If you are a tank, you can quit the queue and get another FP almost instantly, but damagers often cannot afford such luxury. Not without another hour-long wait.

If it is, say, Makeb or Section X, it is not a big deal, but sometimes you get GF pops in that volcanic lvl 55 area on Hoth, that does not have any flypoints near it, and getting back there is annoying.

So, maybe it is time to rectify this little problem? I can see several options for a fix.

1. End FP after the last convo with droid/ship captain, then people can hit 'exit area' button and choose 'previous location' like with any other FPs. Yes, you lose out on 2-8 social points, but comparing to the potential loss of time on getting back to where you were, it seems to me as acceptable tradeoff. Also, it may eliminate the crashing problem, since most people crash on that traveling conversation. So, no convo = no crashing.

2. If you are adamant about using this stupid panel, just make people to press the panel to finish FP, without any travel, similar to Athiss, Mandalorian Raiders etc.

3. If you want to keep the entire scene badly, just replace Coruscant/Dromund Kaas and Fleet options with Exit Area and Previous Location, at least for hardmode. And instead of applying winning roll to all four people, apply the choice individually.