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I can't remember I ever used any energy on the aoe heal when I played on my operative at this boss...
I've played with both melee and ranged damage dealers as teammates, the way I did it was to stand at 25m at least from the boss, not the tank, whenever I felt it was close to a rampage. When the boss starts to activate his rampage I ran out of the range and waited.
Of course some times I was caught in the stun and other times I ran into the stun on purpose because I thought the tank and/or dps needed my heals more than anything. This has almost always worked for me.

I've played with some of my friends healing me when I tanked this boss as well, most of the times we just wiped on it, and I don't think they're bad healers but I do remember that they weren't avoiding the rampage so much.
And this is one of the mechanics in the fight after all, if I were to really give my take on how to beat this boss then it would be to avoid the rampage, just forget about the aoe heal when you have an operative and 2 melee damage dealers in the group.

- Gear is always a consideration, it makes the fight easier when you're well-geared and makes it harder when you're ill-equipped, perhaps that goes without saying but, if it's needed then this is how you make it easier or harder.
Personally, I don't think there is a "middle ground" in regards to gear, but if there was a middle ground then it would be more or less "middle" the more or less you change your gear from the level in Black Hole to Hazmat, because these are the highest tier of gear for lvl 50s and for doing the previous flashpoints and operations for the 47-54 bracket(I believe you can do Directive 7 on story mode at lvl 47 and earn your black hole gear then).

Perhaps I am off piss-poor help to you but, it's what I can give.