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07.17.2013 , 07:23 PM | #1
Hello everyone, today on my 55 Op healer I queued up for Hammer Station HM and was put into a group with a sin tank (36k HP) sin dps (27k HP) and a PT dps (24k HP). We blaze through the first part of the FP, until the bonus boss. I have healed the bonus boss other times without wiping, but today, we got utterly wrecked. It may be a gear issue (I'm in mostly 66s) but everyone seemed to take a TON of damage, way more than I remember. Tank started a bit early, before I could HoT everyone up, but every rampage, he and the dps would just get smashed. I would try to heal the dps up, but when I stopped healing the tank for just a little time to focus the dps, he would lose a ton of health. I would then have to work my tail off trying to keep everyone at a good HP margin before the next rampage, while keeping the tank up, which was a challenge, due to his rapidly diminishing HP. This became very taxing on my energy, and at about 35ish percent the tank gets destroyed and we wipe. Our positioning may not have been great, tank tanked with back to console, sin dps stood behind the boss, and the PT stood about 10m to the left of the boss(from the tank's perspective), causing my nanotech to only hit one person at a time. I tried to stay at 30m and run out during the rampage, but still got the stun . Am I missing something tactics wise as to why we wiped? or is it a gear/composition issue? I have done it plenty of times but this time it was bizarre how hard it was After that try, the Dps did not want to try again, so we moved on and crushed the rest of the FP. Its just a bit distressing for me to fail at healing that fight.