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Much as I expected, lots of useless and off-topic responses. Considering most are old WoW players, I guess it should be expected though.
I only saw 2 people actually partially address the topic accurately, the rest were so far off they might as well have been in a different thread.

I am only talking about things needing 4 people or less and no, they are not all easily soloable. Many are hard to do even with the right number of people when it gets to the bosses. Content can also be created to be just as challenging for a solo player as for a group. Of course it takes thought, but well worth it.

Also, since I asked those 25 real, in-game players, not fanbois, dungeon crawlers and "l33ts", the responses would be very different.

After 55, you can craft (yawn), do dailies (yawn) or roll up more characters and do it all again. That is fun for a while but after 3 imps and 4 pubs, that gets old fast.

There are always those that love getting in large groups and doing scripted stuff that takes an hour or two and that is just fine, there should be plenty of that. But finishing quests that go on forever only to end up needing to do 4 man heroics is just plain stupid. You did all the rest of it alone, why screw it up and change it mid stream?.

There are just tons of ways to have it all. Plenty for group players and plenty for solo players that don't like doing the same boring stuff over and over. It is such a rich world with so much story that such a very simple tweak would add so much to the game without taking anything away.

Really a moot point at this juncture though. I decided 1 month was more than enough to spend on this in time and money. It just isn't possible for me to get my monies worth out of it beyond that.

Much better to just roll it back to F2P and lets my kids goof off with it. It should be able to keep them occupied for a little while.