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I am sure the fanbois will line up quick to flame this and spout the virtues of groups and how the world would fall without them. Save it.
This is my opinion and one I am sure is shared by a majority of the players. I have asked 25 people at random and all 25 loved the idea so the few flamers on a forum would mean nothing.
I will NEVER understand this mentality. Internet forums are centers of debate. If you do not want a debate on the subject then do not post your comments. you asked 25 out of about 1.5 million players (500K subscribers and another roughly 1 million F2P), and you REALLY think that is a solid sample? Guess again. That being said, I would bet you are right that a majority would at least embrace more solo content...but not for the reasons you think.

- Very casual gamers like yourself would embrace it to see the content they are missing
- middle of the road gamers would embrace it to see content they might be missing and to acquire gear they would not normally be able to get.
- hardcore gamers would embrace it simply to get gear faster.

Yes, there's the exploit that you are overlooking. If solo content gives the same rewards as group content, then yes a majority of players would love it for the simple fact that they would never have to deal with groups. You are right groups can be an exacerbating part of gaming, but it is the rewards that make it SOOOOOO worth it. Make those rewards available through solo play and this game will become KOTOR3 (Probably what you wanted anyway).

And believe me, I completely understand your lack of time reasoning. Having a job, and an SO, and RL social life, and hobbies other than playing SWTOR, eat into my game time. But unlike you, I have accepted the fact that I will not be the hardcore player I was a decade ago playing MMOs like EverQuest. Basically, like everything else in my life, I schedule my game time. I also accept the fact that due to my lack of dedication to SWTOR, I will never get the best gear available; what I can get and do have is good enough for me because it is more than adequate for how I play.