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CZ-198 Application - Security Officer

Who I am:
I am Julius_Caesar, Son of the Julio-Claudian Family. I was born in 100 BC on the Italian Peninsula.

-I brought the foreign lands of Gaul under the banner of Rome
-I vanquished the mighty General Pompey and united the Roman Empire into a single state, under my glorious Dictatorship.
-I started the line of the Great Emperors of Rome, through my Great-Nephew Octavian (Augustus) Caesar.
Extra Accomplishments:
-My Father was a god
-I was kidnapped by pirates in the Aegean Sea, I then released my self and crucified the Pirates
- I was Consul of Rome
- I was Governor of the Provence of Gaul
-I was General of the Roman Legions in Gaul

How I did it:
I am the son of a god, I can do what ever the hell I want

Moral Compass:
To hell with morals, I was Emperor of the Roman Empire, I don't need morals.

Situation Question:
Let the experiment escape, after the experiment has been subdued, use our senatorial contacts to justify a Law Suit against the company that made the Confines, take them over and monopolize the imprisonment industry.
Fear me, for am the death of the Republic. For 2,000 years I have waited, now I have returned.
Julius Caesar