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You guys were so friendly on these forums for TFB progression and are so hostile now. You drove your big source of TFB drama from participating so you need someone new to fight with?
Everybody has their excuses to why they didn't clear something first. Why they weren't faster, or did it quicker... "we didn't do the ptr, we couldn't go in when the server comes up, our best players weren't around, i got stung by a bee, my goldfish died.

SuckaFish didn't because well for the 2nd time in a row we weren't the better team when it came to DiLiH. Just couldn't beat them. But it's not hard for me to say hey we weren't the better team and Congratulations to them. But I always have to listen to a slew of other teams whine about why they didn't keep up.

But it's ok, tell yourself whatever you need to in your voice chats, will shed no tears for ya, just like we hope no one sheds one for us for losing to Drop it Like it's Hoth (one of these days i'll beat the euro''s lol i'll have to recruit more ) But mean time in between time we T shirts anyone? Collectors cups? How bout beach towels! Trying to find out what might sell Just learn to embrace the Sucka baby
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