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07.17.2013 , 10:40 AM | #285
Before anyone mentions anything about composition (I haven't read the past pages of drama ). We didn't change our composition for any fight inside S&V NiM to get an upper hand. The only change we had was switching our tank Valarius who's a PT to Emrys, our Assassin tank who also took participation in TFB NiM. We had to do this because Bioware decided to do some funny **** the day after we killed trasher (Won't go into details) and therefore rendered our PT tank unavailable unfairly enough. Thankfully Emrys was there as backup and we continued with that composition.

Regarding composition switching between fights, it is cheesy but I honestly don't care. It's 100% legit in my eyes and I've been part of it aswell during my WoW ''career'' of raiding. It makes raiding more flexible and more fun giving you other options aswell. Besides you won't always have a good player available for the spec you wanted in said fight so you gotta work with what you got, be it alts or other less experienced players.
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