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So what I'm getting from the last part of this thread is... Dip's numbers are slightly more accurate because he factors in a third type of dmg?
The third damage type wouldn't affect the mitigation numbers because F/T I/E damage isn't affected by Def, Shield, or Abs.

From what I can tell, the differences, for Shadows, are caused by a different assumption of Kinetic Bulwark's contribution (KBN's is *really* low imo; even dipstik's is a bit low as I see it) and, for Vanguards, KBN averages out the contribution of Riot Gas whereas dipstik ignores it (KBN sees it as a static benefit used on CD; dipstik sees it as a tank CD in and of itself). The final difference from then is how they determine the existence of Shield rating (KBN assumes a percentage of total budget whereas dipstik assigns a given minimum equal to the Shield you would get from a full allotment of Bastion/Bulwark enhs for the given tier).
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