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While I do like the idea of class representatives, in general, I do urge caution and a good plan on how this representatives are used. Also from my experience with other games, I feel really sorry for them: For ti will be a very ungrateful job filled with folks taking pot shots at them in horrid numbers.
I agree.

I have seen this go well in MMOs and I have seen it go badly.

It comes down to the temperament and expectations of the player base more then anything else IMO. So there are limitations as to what Bioware and any of the Class Reps can actually do about it.

I think it will go well initially, but will deteriorate rather quickly because the wants/needs of the player base for this game are very fractured and the player base is pretty impatient.

But.... if you don't try it.. you will never no. So it's still the right thing to try IMO.
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