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You can already solo almost everything, it will just take more time and leveling-up/gearing-up.

Planetary heroics: Most heroic 2+ are a good challenge at level for most classes if you and your companion are well-geared. Otherwise, you can level up more and come back. Heroic 4 you can out level them and come back (you have to level up just the right amount for it to be doable but not a cakewalk).

Pre-50 Flashpoints: You can solo these easily by out-leveling them by 7+ levels. Will very good gear on you and your companion, you can perhaps do a bit earlier than that.

Level 50/55 heroics: With enough gear, these should be soloable unless they require multiple button presses. (Black hole heroic doable; Section X heroic not doable.)

Level 50 flashpoints: You should be able to solo these with basic (rating 66: basic comm and craftable, also cheap on the GTN) gear on you and your companion. If you find it too hard with basic gear, you can (slowly)* get some elite (rating 69) gear solo from elite comms. You can also buy ultimate (rating 72) gear on the GTN if you find that an acceptable "solo" thing to do (though it will be costly** for someone who only plays solo).

Level 55 flashpoints: Here you'll hit a bit of a wall, but there are a lot of level 50 hard mode flashpoints and going through them could reasonably be thought of as a "solo end game." There is a video on the forums of a sentinel in ultimate gear (and with his companion doc in ultimate gear) soloing level 55 Athiss. You could buy this gear off the GTN for a huge amount of credits without doing any group content, but it would take a while to get the credits and even then I'm sure it isn't easy (and you may need to be a sentinel). Currently each of these flashpoints is just a remake of a level 17-29 flashpoint, so you can see the content that way at least.

Not soloable: Heroics requiring multiple button presses. Operations.

*[To get the elite gear through comms will take a while solo. You can get 12 elite comms from the makeb staged weekly, and 3 from priority targets (killing world bosses: you can solo low level ones). Still, that's many weeks to buy the gear with commendations. If you aren't a purist, you can buy even better gear off the GTN (see below).]

**[To get this rating 72 gear as a solo player: Run dailies until you have 35*5 = 175 basic comms. Turn them in for 5 vials of stabilized isotope-5. Buy a mass manipulation generator and and 5 exotic element equalizers off the GTN (the dailies to get the 175 basic comms will have given you enough credits). Find a crafter who will take all these and give you a piece of rating 72 gear. If you have a lot of credits built up, you may be able to just buy the gear or the 5 vials off the GTN outright.]