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He was expressing his opinion. Just like you are doing right now.

You have no right to tell him what to do either. See the irony there. Or perhaps.. you both were just expressing your opinions, and doing it badly.

Basically right now, anyone that in any way disagrees with the venom in this thread.. gets flamed for it. What wonderful role models.
He was telling others what to do Andryah, I used it to demonstrate how silly it was since it really has no effect.

Who is supposed to be a role model? Me?! PvPers? I'm a customer, just like yourself (you aren't employed or funded by EA or Bioware in any form, are you?). Nobody is getting "flamed" for not agreeing with the "venom". Feel free to post how thrilled you are Andryah. We're expressing our disappointment in the 2.4 update, not our fellow gamers.
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