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indeed. funny.

on a side note, I actually did have a dps jugg who was taunting and aoe taunting off my tank in mandalorian raiders hm... he said, it was to save healer trouble of healing me
I once had a jugg offtank in Karaggas Palace who used intercede on me, to keep presure of the healer.
A nice gesture if the boss wouldn't have turned to the dps and healer crowd and hit them really hard

I can remember a tank in Foundry HM in the fight against Revan once (pre 1.2) when he said "why aren't you interrupting this ability?" as the healer there I answered "I'm healing you, I don't have the time to watch his castbar as well" back came "no, not you, the dps", I said on that "they're both mercs they don't have an interrupt" good old times
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