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Don't tell us what to do - you're free to keep your mouth shut if you like. The update isn't until freaking October - between now and then, I URGE Bioware to hire an intern to reskin every one of the existing WZ's so that we have double the number come 2.4.

And your silly assumption that there's some magical bunny that's going to appear is foolish. There is NO MORE! These are the HIGHLIGHTS! Do you understand what a highlight is in this context? Everything else will be worthless fluff. I bet there's even a big ol CM update with 2.4 that wasn't mentioned.

If we don't let Bioware know full flipping well what we think of this pathetic patch now, we only have ourselves to blame when nothing changes.

So please...heed your own advice and sit quietly by.
He was expressing his opinion. Just like you are doing right now.

You have no right to tell him what to do either. See the irony there. Or perhaps.. you both were just expressing your opinions, and doing it badly.

Basically right now, anyone that in any way disagrees with the venom in this thread.. gets flamed for it. What wonderful role models.
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