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For that same experience.... go back and replay KOTOR and KOTOR2 again.

Quote: Originally Posted by Wiggly_Dinkus View Post well less than a month I have exhausted the game...
^And that is totally bogus.....

I have played since Day 1 of Early Access. I do a lot solo.... I DO play with other people. I play with my guild, I use the Group Finder, and I play in a lot of PuGs.

I have seen the story content for:
Jedi Knight
Jedi Consular
Bounty Hunter
Sith Inqusitor

I am currently working on the storyline for:
Imperial Agent (just finished Chapter 1)
Smuggler (only level 13)

I have not even started the story for:
Sith Warrior

I have done all of the Flashpoints in Normal and Hard Mode. I have done all of the level 50 operations in Story/Hard/Nightmare and I have done both of the level 55 operations in Story Mode (8 and 16) and TfB in 8-man Hard. I still haven't done Hard Mode Scum & Villainy, nor NiM of either.

I have five level 55 characters, and I am still leveling others. I have seen FIVE complete stories, working on 2 more, and still have 1 to start fresh.

I have been playing since DAY ONE - and I have not "exhausted" the game as you claim to have done in a mere MONTH.

Quote: Originally Posted by Wiggly_Dinkus View Post
..., I am talking about what I... CAN'T do, and that is play the most fun and rewarding content in the game.,,
Want to know WHY it's fun and rewarding? Because you experience it with other players. The idea of solo'ing dumbed down group content, makes me sad.
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