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CZ-198 Application for The Czerka

Job : Organism Handler

Question 1
I want to be a part of Czerka Family because I accomplished many things and Czerka is the best company in the Galaxy! Being part of it would do me great Honor. I accomplished alot of tasks on planets : Dromund Kaas,Coruscant,Balmorra,Taris,Nar Shaddaa,Tatooine,Alderaan,Quesh,Hoth,Belsavis,Voss ,Corellia and Makeb where I saved the planet from The Greedy Hutts and their minning of Isotope-5! I am an expert when it comes to Beasts and living life forms. Always happy to create something new. I was in a middle of a project before I made the application. The project was called ''Project Mutant Reapers'' where I Mutated some of the most feared beasts across the Galaxy such as : Terentatek , Rancor , Sarlacc and more. I added cybernetics and other beast's genetics where I created strange and more powerful beings. If I would get in Czerka I would of make more beasts for it , so we would be feared across the galaxy. Also the beasts would be part of the family and treated like family.
I am also thinking of making certain drinks and energy food that would be enough for a month.Interesting.....I have found a small Rakghoul Baby on Taris which is now my pet and he does as I command....I could try to see his insides and make powerful antidotes for the rakghoul virus and much more could be provided if I would join the Family. I have made Stims that calm the beasts when they are provoken or upset. If I would join the Family , one of the members should make rooms for my pets and it must be huge and legit , because there is a chance they will breed and we would need more room.
Question 2
I destroyed an ancient alien called the Rakata that was trapped in a machine on Tatooine and Subject 12 on Belsavis.But those two weren't the only Rakata I have beaten...the one I'm really proud of is the deffeat of Soa the Infernal One. The Rakata were powerful beings that once ruled the Galaxy many years ago.I deffeated Revan on a space ship called ''The Foundry'' and the fight was exciting! Revan fought very well and I sense that he is still alive. I also deffeated Trandoshan Warlord Kephess two times and now he has joined the Dread Masters and was called as the ''Choosen One''. I am proud of every mission I accomplish and I take ''pride'' in my work.
Question 3
Yes I would do whatever it takes to stop the threat to this Galaxy and get the mission/objective done,no matter what it takes to do it.
Question 4
Everything that disturbs me at my job or gets in my way when doing something , dies. When I enter a job I am dedicated to it my whole life.My moral compass is wildlife. Making Monsters , feeding them , taking care of their habitat requires alot of concentrate , which I have.
Question 5
I would go help as fast as possible and try to deal with the matter alongside my ferocious beasts that serve under my command. Even if I die , I would do anything to protect the Czerka Company. Cost of my life is a small loss compared to a whole Company that I am dedicated to. Long live Czerka!!!