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Wait...there are seasons other than Summer? Here in Texas, we would never know that. Note: I do not like hot weather.

When we made the Summer of SWTOR post we knew that inevitably we would start to see questions about what is coming after the Summer. We figured we would preempt that by just telling you about it right out of the gates. That is why we are talking about things beyond Summer.

I know you were just making the thread out of jest, but it gave me an excuse to complain about the Texas heat...and to answer you.

I can verify that Texas has one season.. I spent a summer in Texas.. People were wearing shorts on Christmas eve.. I am someone from Seattle Wa.. it was a very odd sight to say the least..

There were a few days of bad weather.. During a 2 or 4 day period, there was a thin layer of frost on the ground.. The entire city shut down.. Malls and schools closed.. I found this odd as everyone drives over sized pick up trucks.. All they have to do is buy some sand bags or a few 50 lbs. bags of dog food and throw them in the back over the rear wheels..

Texas has some mean thunder storms and fire flies.. Which I thought was awesome..
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