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That's really cool. But all I can see is PVE and PVP stuff. Would you be so kind and tell us what things you have planned for the third great pillar of this game - roleplay? An update on the status and ETA for chat bubbles, perhaps? extending the duration of rest abilities so they can be used for roleplay? Being able to sit on all chairs? Hood up/down feature? A field for the biography? An appearance tab? Allowing people to enter empty versions of instanced areas for roleplaying purposes? Anything else? Certainly you can't have nothing planned for roleplayers at all. The roleplaying community would like to know what you have in store for us in the summer and beyond!
I respect your perseverence but you may have to accept that this not going to happen here is SWTOR.

They have already been clear that the engine performance issues were too great to implement this.

Don't get me wrong I would love chat bubbles but it's been a long time.
At this point it may improve some quality of life for the current players, but it will not bring in new players and you and I are already paying to play here wtihout chat bubbles.

I just dont see how chat bubbles would benifit EA financially anymore. I am sure this is not top priority or not even in the cards anymore.
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