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CZ-198 Application - Droid Technician

My name is Lurtz Valorum, Jedi Master among the Jedi Order. It is by the will of the Council, and by my request, that I am applying for the Droid Technician position on CZ-198: while it is unusual even among Force-sensitives, over the years I have developed a strong connection through the Force with my droid companions and with my starship's navigation computer, so much so that I have been able to enhance their performances, even though for a short period of time, by using the Force. With this application I aim at entering a work- and innovation-inspiring environment in which to better test my abilities, confront my ideas with others, and seek ways to improve droids permanently by the usage the Force.
I also wish to specify that the Jedi Council has agreed with my request because they firmly believe that it could lead to an outstanding breathrough in the comprehension of the Force and while they know that my work within the Czerka family would be highly classified, they are willing to pay for information about progress in this area and to sign a non-disclosure agreement on your terms.

Among my most impressive engineering and Force-enhancing feats there is the reconstruction of an HK-51 assassin droid, a lost marvel of yours, whose parts (chassis, power core, motivator, transistor, AI regulator, arm, loyalty chip and weapon) were damaged and scattered throughout the galaxy, and even though the complete reactivation took some time, once it was reached he himself said to be as efficient as the day he left the factory floor.
Another accomplishment I am proud of occourred in the region of space designated as the Maw, in which a cluster of black holes forces ships going to the Colicoid prison planet of Kessel to take a detour, named Kessel Run, which cannot typically be completed in less than eighteen parsecs even by the fastest military starships: in spite of this, by using the Force to enhance the navicomputer of my Defender-class light corvette, I managed to complete the route in just over twelve parsecs.
Lastly, the feat that made me a Jedi Master: the victory over the Sith Emperor. Not something achieved single-handedly, but with the help of my T7-O1 that I had personally modified before the challenge. {{The signature of the Jedi Concil members stand as proof of the claim}}

My quest to defeat the Emperor started out as a mission to redeem him, to bring him to the Light Side, but the first attempt did not go as well as expected: on his space station my strike team was corrupted, twsited. It was there that I understood that success may not always come in the form we expect: therefore we must always, in the end, do whatever it takes to bring forth the greater agenda, to pave the way for the future, to achieve success. Only through that sacrifice did I gain the power to become the demise of the Emperor.

As HK droids use to say, they are the weapons, not the wielders, and as I have written above, I know better than most Jedi that one must not pose moral questions when a greater agenda is to be reached. There is no emotion; there is no ignorance; there is no passion: the contingent morality of the individual is the first enemy of the Jedi Code. Instead, it is laws, rules and the knowledge of who stands higher up that should be followed.

If the experiment is a droid, using my expertise and through the Force I would try, first of all, to attach to him a functioning restraining bolt; if no restraining bolt were nearby, I would try to detach the links between his power core or his AI core and the rest of his components.
If the experiment is a creature, I would use the Force to try to calm him down.
If none of the previous attempts worked, I would signal the problem to the security and to the collegue in charge of the experiment, in case he knew a way to solve the issue. If the collegue is not available or is trying to escape, I would inform the security of it.
If the experiment could lead to a biological, chemical or nuclear disaster, I would inform security and let them decide how to act.
Lastly, given my combat prowess, I would make myself explicitly available to the security team and act according to their instructions.