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(related to Warrior Act 3 spoilers)
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I really liked this.

Now, a trio that ends the burst of Wynston ideas.

First, a brief oblique bit of To Market, To Market, post-game for Wynston. No spoilers. 500 words.

Failure; 1000 words. Takes place no more than a couple of weeks after the previous one, so shortly after Kaliyo's departure from Wynston's ship. Spoilers for Kaliyo's conversation line.


Deadly Sins: Gluttony, I think. Lack of Temperance? Blunt Talk of Alcoholism? Note that after Kaliyo left, Wynston called Ruth and got summarily rebuffed (since Ruth was reeling from her own spoilers). So anyway, he goes about his job for multiple spoilers in this passage. 800 words.

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