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from 2.0 until a few weeks ago, i was in a guild that did not let me participate much in (and in some cases not even roll) on gear.
i got fed up and joined a new guild right around the time NiM TFB was released. i'm perfectly geared and capable of doing HM, but i still need gear from it. i'm perfectly capable of doing the mechanics for NiM, but i simply don't have the gear.

so in my new guild, i'm brought along sometimes for NiM not being geared well enough, and on a few occasions we still run HMs. we actually could not do scum and villainy hm last night as a guild because a few people wanted to save their lockouts for later in the week for NiM.

we didn't have a full group on who were geared enough to do NiM last night, so instead we did KP and EV nightmare for achievements..... and no gear :/

i would be happy with one of two things:
HM and NiM having the same gear (aside from cosmetics like the vehicles / pets / etc.) and sharing lockouts
HM and NiM not having the same gear and NOT sharing the same lockouts

either way, the current system is not working for me or my guild.
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