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CZ-198 Application

1. My name is Aikion Woce, and I work mainly to facilitate the transfer of goods, and solving problems for my clients. I've done work with the Republic and various other Governments and Organizations. Lately I've been unable to find steady work, and my girlfriend Risha has been very vocal in finding a good paying gig.

My unique skill set should match several potential openings you might have. And, my crew has numerous and varied skills I'd be willing to negotiate access to as well.

2. Of the top of my head: Hunting down and killing the jerk who stole my ship, evacuating an entire planet, and becoming Queen of the Underworld for a few weeks.

3. Sometimes you have to let your blaster do your talking in a negotiation. Though that wouldn't be my first choice. For me the real payoff is staying alive. But, if you cross me I won't hesitate to shoot first.

4. I'm a little flexible, having dabbled with a bit of the good and the bad. Everything is negotiable, unless you lie to me. Well, I suppose that's not entirely true, as one of my crew is a failed jedi who lied to me repeatedly. But when push came to shove, he came clean and offered to make things right. That is what's important.

5. Make sure my blaster is fully charged and alert security to the imminent containment breech. No sense missing a free lunch. There'll be plenty of time later to solve any problem that arises, and maybe an opportunity to increase my salary.