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CZ-198 Application: Biochemical Engineer

My name is Zomas Persnic Cortess (no affiliation with House Cortess of Alderaan). I graduated with highest honor from the First Republic Medical Academy of Coruscant at the age of 19, which was 44 standard years ago. I guarantee that my research will become available to Czerka, should I get the position, however, for now most of my scientific accomplishments shall remain classified, however, I have enclosed three holorecordings, detailing tiny portions of my research, as an illustration of my skills, about which Nem’ro the Hutt allegedly said: “Sith Alchemy is nothing but child’s play compared to Doctor Cortess’ unique talents.” Though the first recording is also to show my more whimsical side.

First Holorecording (date ca. 34 BTC):
*An image of a very young Z. P. Cortess appears*
…My roommate, Vrigs Darroh, and I had this crazy entrepreneurial ideas today: KoltoFizz. Think about it, what if you could make kolto into a fizzy drink, the stuff is expensive enough as it is, but every spoiled rich child out there with whatever they consider self-respect would want to drink it, just because it’s expensive.
*The image changes to a HoloNet News recording*
…Yesterday, the owner of the newly established KoltoFizz Company, Vrigs Darroh, was arrested for poisoning and killing six members of one of the Senate’s Trading comities under the ruse of marketing his new fizzy drink. Darroh had dropped out of university to pursue his idea, but the prosecutor argues that this was just hoax to kill the representatives…
*The holorecording changes back to a young Cortess*
…Vrigs was never good at chemistry, so it didn’t take a lot to make the drink poisonous. All it took was vaccinating him without him knowing, making him immune to the poison, to convince him what an awesome drink it was. Of course nothing can be traced back to me, as I said he could have all the credit as I wanted to pursue my medical career, and the deletion of documents tying me to him only makes him look more guilty…I still have the formula, just in case…it was a fun experiment…END RECORDING

Second Holorecording (date ca. 24 BTC):
…Project Phoenix……resurrec……r..k..ta tech……subject…sev..rely...duced cog..tive function……abandon stati…

Third Holorecording (date ca. 17 BTC):
*An image of a taozin appears*
…Test zero-zero-one-six-Trill. My previous attempts to clone a taozin from fossilised material have fail. However, I think I have managed to stabilize the telomeres and it seems the cells have begun replicating…test zero-nine-one-seven-Usk. I did it! The taozin cells are stable and growing, with luck I should have a full living specimen within six standard months…It would appear that any attempts to speed up the growth process results in cell death and none of the natural abilities of the taozin seems to manifest, unless grown with out accelerants... Estimated time for creating a taozin armor suit more than ten standard years…END RECORDING

I hope this illustrates some of my unique abilities. As for my sense of ethics I can only say this: “Ethics are for people with limits…and I have very few limits.” As for my level of dedication I can assure you that my research team and I eagerly endorse your motto: “anytime, anywhere…we’re there.”

I have admired some of your earlier endeavours (e.g. Tatooine) despite their outcome, your intentions have always been admirable.

As for your last question, I would do whatever was necessary to further the benefits of Czerka Corporation.

Dr. Zomas Persnic Cortess