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07.16.2013 , 09:35 PM | #233
Dear Czerka scum...

I got a holo-recording from my son Ja'Cross saying he put in a recommendation for me. Well, apparently he left the 'intelligence' out of Imperial Intelligence, because the bolts-for-brains didn't even bother to provide what position I'm qualified for. But guess what? Doesn't matter. I wouldn't take a job from you bunch of lowlifes if you gave me a CR-17 Incendia every day of the week.

I worked you boys over on Tatooine when you 'found that thing', and I'll do it again once your fancy new digs open up. Trust me, there aren't enough crates in the galaxy for you fellas to hide in.

Yours truly,
Captain Montee, The Historic

P..S. Heard you have some fancy new speeder you're workin' on. Lookin' forward to "borrowing" a couple of 'em.