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Security Officer

1. I am an accomplished galactic contractor specializing in the subduing or neutralization of sentient targets selected by my employers........a bounty hunter. The business pays well, but, it feels less influential than it used to, to alleviate this, I feel my experience in target neutralization and objective acquisition make me a perfect candidate for a position defending the biggest industrial innovator in the galaxy.

2. a. I defeated all challengers against overwhelming odds (and direct sabotage) during the Great Hunt, a galaxy-spanning Mandalorian competition to determine the best bounty hunter in the galaxy.
b. I've singlehandedly assaulted and infiltrated several military vessels in order to meet my contract.
c. I nearly singlehandedly conquered Corellia under the employ of the Empire, accomplishing with my crew in hours what entire platoons of the Empire's finest couldn't in months.

3. To the end of accomplishing these feats, I am certainly a woman who will stop at nothing to fulfill my contract. "The ends justify the means," the means in this case being dual blaster pistols, rockets, flamethrowers, jetpacks, and a complete disregard for sentient life that gets in my way.

4. My entire career has been "questionable." A moral compass only stands to do one thing: hinder your ability to succeed where others fail.

5. It depends on the level of threat posed by the experiment. If it could do only a little harm on the loose, while shamelessly embarrassing my incompetent colleague, I would allow it to escape. I would then personally subdue it immediately thereafter, affording myself a chance to excel whilst simultaneously shaming my colleague, possibly opening his more esteemed position *wink.* If it was more dangerous (a plague would be up there), I would publicly reprimand my colleague for his foolishness, then take whatever measures necessary to contain it.