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To start off, my name is Xivio Geren and I am a former slave turned Sith. My name is now Darth Xivio and I believe that I would be a good fit for the role of Organism Handler. The reason I would like to join Czerka is threefold. First off, Czerka has always drawn my interest and I would like to work along side so as to study them more in depth. Second, the research I have heard and seen coming from Czerka blow the competition away. And thirdly, if I joined Czerka, I could add the Force into the mix and help create even more powerful machines and beasts.

In speaking of beasts, I now come to my three major accomplishments. Most of my experiments as a Darth involve beasts. I believe animals to be one of the best expressions of the Force, especially the Force-sensitive ones. My first major accomplishment that I would like to share is my "Klor-cor". Using "dark" sciences, I was able to splice together a Klorslug's DNA and a Rancor's in order to form a rather large Klorslug with Rancor's arms and teeth. I tested it's hunting prowess on a remote world using 100 slaves. The beast has able to hunt down and devour all the slaves within 24 standard hours. A great success from my point of view.

My second greatest accomplishment was the taming and subsequent training of the largest nexu cat found on Drommund Kaas thus far. It took a few hours and quite a bit of Force Lightning, but in the end, it submitted and I started to train it as my pet/hunting nexu. I now use it not only for hunting but also as a way to dispose of the corpses of servants of mine who have failed me or defied me. Don't worry, though, I would never dream of turning it on anyone from Czerka. Plus, I prefer to leave it on Drommund Kaas with my apprentice, Lord Qynda.

My third greatest accomplishment does not involve the creation or taming of a beast but instead the destruction of one. You see, there use to be a Large Wampa on Hoth that Imperial Soldiers nicknamed "The Abominable Snowampa". I know, not a very imaginative name. But any way, notice that I used past tense when referring to the monster. After it killed the 7th squad sent out to kill it, I went out alone and after fighting with it for three hours, I brought it back to the base and showed the men that not even a large ferocious Wampa can overcome a Sith. That night, we all celebrated the monster's demise and dined on roast Wampa meat. I hear that they still use the skin as a decorative rug in the bases cantina.

As I stated above, I believe that I do do whatever it takes to get a job done. In my book, failure is not an option. That lesson was quite literally beaten into me during my time as a slave and even during my apprenticeship in the Sith. I was taught that you get a job done or you die trying because if you come back with the job incomplete, you will be killed as a failure.

I would say that I do have a moral compass but only towards those who I am loyal to and vice versa. If I can earn Czerka's trust and Czerka earn's mine, I will do whatever they want me to do, just so long as it does not conflict with the goals of the Sith and the Empire. Trust me, you do not want to make me have to choose.

First of all, I would use the closest tools I had on hand to incapacitate the "experiment" and if there are no tools around I would simply use the Force to knock it out. I would try my best to take the "experiment" alive so that it can be studied closer and so that I could unlock it's greatest potential for Czerka. After I confined it again, I would then go find my colleague and either knock some sense into him, torture him or, if he was really stupid, kill him. Czerka has no need for foolish employees and if ever any are found, they need to removed like a poison being removed from a body. That way, the "poisonous" employee won't destroy any of it's brilliant co-workers.

In closing, I believe that I am best suited for this job because I have the skills, experience and drive to take care and possibly dispose of organism's that Czerka has. I believe that Czerka could benefit from having a Sith on staff and that together, we could create a brighter future for the entire galaxy!