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To Whom It May Concern:

Hello, my name is Ellise Solari: upstanding businesswoman and galactic entrepreneur. I have always admired the exquisite products Czerka produces and I use a lot of them in my operations across the galaxy. Between personal energy shields while fending off competitors trying to stop me from legally transporting my legal goods from one planet to another for legal vendors, legally, to blasters to fend off even the sturdiest of transgressors in the way of my business; Czerka has something for everyone. I've always looked up to Czerka as a respectable business model on how to increase profit while giving people what they want. My personal business is handled very similarly to how Czerka deals in the galactic economy, and I feel my skills as an outside saleswoman would benefit Czerka as a whole.

I am qualified in many areas of specialization; from legal exotic animal handling, to legal advanced robotic repair knowledge and am more than capable in security, having to be my own security force in my legal distribution company.

I am also very results oriented. Having discovered the lost treasure of Nok Drayen, I am more than capable of consolidating information and analyzing trends in information to produce results no one else could. I also volunteered my services to the Galactic Republic during the war with the Sith Empire to deliver goods to the front and procure products for them. I also "cleaned up the streets" of the galaxy, legally of course, by combating the underworld forces and making the galaxy a safer place for everyone to live in.

I have, of course, handled all of my affairs in the most upstanding, ethical and legal manner. That said, the most important tenant of business for any company to adhere to is the bottom line. Profits allow businesses to expand, and I always ensure profits. Legally of course.

My moral compass is dictated by duty, honor and, above all, service. I have a duty to ensure that my company survives and thrives in the galaxy at large (not THAT at large, we are legal and everything), I honor my co-workers and my customers, and make sure that everyone gets the service that they pay for. Any other way just would not do in the marketplace.

In response to the hypothetical situation postulated in your application: I have a highly diversified team of specialists on retainer for instances just like this that I cannot devote my full attention to that I have complete faith in. I would make note of the experimental situation and deploy my specialists to monitor the situation while escorting my colleague to the soiree where we will imbibe the cocktails and snacks. After all, the company did pay good money for those and we shouldn't let them go to waste.

I thank you for taking the time to consider my application for Czerka. My legal outside sales experience and legal ventures I have legally established in the galaxy, along with my strong charisma and demonstrated leadership skills, would be a valuable asset to the company, and would ultimately mesh well with Czerka company culture.


Ellise Solari
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Apt. 37819AE, Galactic City, Coruscant | HoloCom Freq: <REDACTED TO PUBLIC>| HoloNet ID:<REDACTED>
__________________________________________________ ______________________________________
OBJECTIVE: To obtain a position within Czerka Corporation to expand company influence throughout the galaxy, expand profit margins, and ensure Czerka's dominance in the galactic economy as either a Droid Technician, Biochemical Engineer, Organism Handler, Security Officer, or Research Contributor.
__________________________________________________ _______________________________________
  • Solari Shipping, LLC - Founder and CEO (3 ATC to Present)
    • Legally shipped legal goods through legal shipping routes for customers.
    • Legally dealt with legal acquisition and distribution of legal exotic fauna from various worlds.
    • Legal vendor for various goods throughout the galaxy for various classifications of goods (Galactic Vendor License Number: [DATA CORRUPTED]
    • Managed all invoice management, personnel records, and customer relations.
  • Galactic Republic under commission of Senator Dodonna - Privateer (10 ATC)
__________________________________________________ _______________________________________
  • Advanced blaster skills and firefight tactics.
  • Class-S Pilot's License
  • Advanced knowledge of computer security systems and robotic and droid subsystems
  • Handling of sensitive biological agents
  • Strong customer service skills
__________________________________________________ _______________________________________
References Available Upon Request
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